dřevěné skládací okenice voivo VOÏVO specialises in wood and aluminium window shading both natural and aluminium materials for modern buildings and residences Add a unique touch to your home the simplicity and elegance of window shading Drevene rolety VOIVO Natural materials are unreplaceable we use the most modern technology when processing wood and aluminium to ensure the uniqueness and high quality of our products A modern window shading system you will feel at home even when outside

about the company

VOÏVO is a Czech brand specialising in wooden and aluminium window shading.

For more than fifteen years we have been offering consultations and designs as well as carrying out manufacturing and installations of wooden and aluminium window shading systems. We specialise in shutters, rolls, blinds, and more. We use the most modern technology in wood and aluminium processing to make our products unique and of high quality. We have vast experience in awnings, shading technology and facade insulation and we offer our customers modern designs combined with high quality assembling and processing techniques as well as overall service. All of our products are specially crafted in our own factory in Hospozin, Czech Republic, which allows us to have complete control over quality and flexibility with regard to client deadlines.

VOЇVO guarantees exceptional quality in wooden and aluminium shutters, blinds, sliding outdoor panels, roller shades made of wood slats, and more



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